How can I transfer the entire contents of my iPod Touch (4th gen) to a new iPod Touch (6th gen) w/o using iCloud?

I have an old 8GB 4th gen iPod Touch that has worked just fine since 2012. I would like to get the latest model (6th gen), 16 GB. How can I transfer all the data on my old iPod to the new one w/o using iCloud. Can it be done from iPod to iPod? Can it do it through my iMac desktop? Right now synching between the iPod Touch and the iMac no longer works! You can transfer photos but you cannot sync the contents of the iCal calendar!

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  • well, being 10... i just got an iphone and switched from my old one... so i think if you open Itunes, backup the 4th get to your Mac or PC, then plug your 6th gen into the SAME computer, or mac that u backed your 4th gen on, and you will most likley get a screen in itunes that says "welcome to ipod" or something like that. then click restore from backup... let the ipod and pc or mac do its thing... and in like 8 mins, all your data from your 4th gen is on your 6th gen.

    • Answered by Danielle K from Lake Worth
    • 20-Oct-2016