Can I use two VGA monitors with a Mac Mini?

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    Yes. The new Mac Mini has an HDMI port and a Mini Display port, both of which can be used to power a VGA monitor. Research HDML-to-VGA and DVI-to-VGA adapters and you'll see what I mean.

    • Answered by Michael P from San Francisco
    • 20-Aug-2013
  • Yes. I have a Mac Mini mid-2011, and have one monitor hooked to the mini display port, and the other one through the HDMI port. For the mini display port I have a VGA adapter going to an older monitor. The HDMI is hooked straight to a newer monitor using a regular HDMI cable.

    It works fine for displaying things like browsers, word processors, and even video, but on the mid 2011 Mac Mini I wouldn't recommend this set up for gaming. The graphics card only has 256 MB of RAM and running two monitors in itself seems to be maxing it out.

    • Answered by Jerry D from Naperville
    • 05-Apr-2014