Does iLife come on all new iMacs?

I'm thinking about getting the 27 inch iMac. I've heard about the software called iLife. I want it primarily for iWeb. But I wasn't sure if all new iMacs came with the 2011 iLife.

If it comes with iLife but at a later version do you know how much it costs? And could I download the update from the Apple Mac Store or would I have to purchase it online or in the store?


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    I got iLife standard with my new MacBook Air under Mac OS X Lion. However iWeb (and iDVD) was not included in the installation. It turns out that Apple is pulling the plug on iDVD and iWeb - considerations were that most people aren't interested in creating a website nowadays and DVDs are on the way out as media carriers.

    Whether or not you agree with this is a personal choice - i personally don't agree and prefer to choose my own requirements.

    iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband are also downloadable from the App store - which is taking over the delivery of software - for reasonable cost, but the other two are not.

    iLife '11 is available as a separate purchase - together with the two "missing" apps - which gives you what you require but I heard yesterday from the iCentre here in Amsterdam that Apple are now even pulling that off the shelves. I ordered a copy through the Apple online store but i don't know for how much longer it will be available through that channel.

    It seems that Apple is going to prefer use of the iCloud for distribution of personal stuff - however i use the DVD route to share stuff with friends who don't have either a Mac computer or iPhone (yes! there are some out there)

    Hope this helps - cheers, David

    • Answered by David M
    • 13-Oct-2011
  • No. Only iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band. You have to purchase the disk to get iDvd and iWeb.

    • Answered by Virginia H from Winslow
    • 26-Dec-2011
  • Starting with Lion when iLife 11 came out - no. Installed software does not contain iDVD and iWeb - integral parts of iLife until iLife 11.

    • Answered by Maciej S from Wallington
    • 16-Jan-2012
  • iLife does in fact come on every new mac made late 2011. The last boxed software they made for it was the 2011 version. Most of the Mac Apps are sold in the Mac AppStore now, including iLife.

    • Answered by Benjamin J from Union Grove
    • 12-May-2012