I am considering buying a macbook pro which is the better size 13 inch or the 15 inch?

I don't know what size to get?
I currently have a 10 inch laptop and find it too small,
will the 13 inch be small too?
However I don't want to spend TOO much.
so I might not want to buy the 15 inch.

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    First, go to the local Apple shop and look at them. One might jump out at you.
    Are you going to haul it around, or mainly sit it on the desk at home? EE is right, for a desktop unit, the 15 would be sweeter. Even if your going to haul it off the desk and watch movies on it in bed, the 15 would be a better choice. But if your going to do any of those things more then 5 times a month out of the house, or on campus, or at your significant others abode, or where ever, but not at home, start thinking smaller.
    What condition is your eyesight in? Us old guys have a better experience with a larger screen.
    But if you don't want to spend the bucks for the 15", well, no problem. Get the 13", and you will give up nothing. You want a bigger screen, the Macbook will drive a larger monitor. You might have to get some sort of adapter ( check this site for which one, somebody can tell you what to get) and you can get a cheapy flat panel monitor to give you the big screen experience. If you get the bucks, go for that out of control 27" incher Apple makes, but if you have a larger (flat) monitor hanging around, you can put it to good use cheaply and still have your macbook and eat it too.

    • Answered by Joe K from Titusville
    • 13-Oct-2010
  • I'm the computer support tech at an Arts College. I get asked this question quite a lot at the start of each semester.

    From my experience the best setup is a small laptop + a large external monitor. You have all the power, portability & battery life you need in a 13 inch macbook or MacBook Air plus a huge LCD screen to plug into when you get home. Best of both worlds!


    • Answered by Matthew T from Inveresk
    • 18-Jul-2011
  • Well, if you are planing on putting t down and leaving it there, probably the 15", otherwise definitely the 13"

    • Answered by Ezekiel E from Wrj
    • 13-Oct-2010