What does it mean for "iPod out"?

Will this adapter allow my phone to play music through car stereos that have USB ports for iDevices?

  • Asked by fn from Portland
Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

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  • No iPod Out means that it cannot transfer video, as in connecting this to your TV. It can play music through your car, of course.

    • Answered by Sam D from Grayslake
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    Based on my research it seems this adapter will only be good for charging and syncing. It is not clear if Audio will pass. If no Audio passes then all sound docks will be incompatible.

    If Audio passes to sound docks then information may not pass to car stereos for steering controls etc. You would have to use bluetooth or the headphone jack with the stereo aux input. This is going backwards.

    Many people are under the impression if they buy the adapter their new lightning device will work with the old 30 pin devices. Folks are complaining about the price of the adapter and how many they would need. They are in for a big surprise when the adapter is not compatible.

    This adapter issue and nano sim card is a deal breaker for my upgrade. I hope I am wrong and the new devices are fully compatible with the old devices when the adapter is used.

    • Answered by A B from New York
  • If it has a USB port for iDevices you wont need the adapter because your Lightning to USB charging cable will plug straight in to the USB port.

    • Answered by David P from Sutherland
  • Basically depends on how your car stereo gets the sound out of the iDevice, If its using data connection (aka digital signal) over the Dock connector then it should work, if it uses the "iPod Out" connection then it won't work since the new iDevices with the smaller connector lack this feature which basically allows basic stereo line out, this means many cheap (and not-so-cheap) dock systems won't work.

    • Answered by Jorge Q from Manhattan
  • iPod Out refers to a nascent technology that allows control of the device (in this case the iPhone) buy an external device. And example is the BMW iDrive with the iPhone.

    Search for iPod Out in YouTube and BMW has a short video that explains it.

    You will be able to play music with the adapter, you just won't be able to control the device with the new technology.

    • Answered by D E G from Bedford
  • Its actually depressingly simple: it means that any new iPod Touch and iPhone with this Lightning adaptor will NOT be able to feed audio out, and will NOT be able to feed VIDEO out to 30 pin docks.

    So, for example, my Honda with a Dension iPod adaptor (30 pin) will no longer be able to play audio out of a Lightning equipped iPod or iPhone. And my Yamaha stereo with video on its 30pin dock ALSO will not be able to feed video
    from a new iPod or iPhone to my choice of device.

    And as such: that means I will not be purchasing either a new iPod or iPhone.

    • Answered by Jonathan C from Ottawa
  • Yes i will be using this with my pioneer 8400bt which enables me to use most apps in my car this connector will provide the existing usage with your car radio

    • Answered by Anthony B from Tucson
  • Yes, the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter allows full connectivity for music playing as well as charging your iDevice.

    • Answered by Philip S from Los Angeles
  • Is intended for that, you wont need to buy another stereo.

    • Answered by Juan O from Pembroke Pines
  • It shouldn't affect it since it's just an adapter that is converting the signal from the new port/pin connection to the 30 pin connection. It's just gonna look a little funky sticking out of it. I'd be careful with the adapter as the bottom now is extended and wouldn't want to risk breaking the new pin connection in the phone

    • Answered by Dennis C from Uncasville
  • It means an output from the iPod.

    • Answered by Tim S from Vista
  • iPod out, a common feature on BMW/Mini vehicles, allows the output of the interface of the iPod/iPhone to another device. Music will still play over usb and the connector.

    • Answered by Timothy C from Shrewsbury
  • It means that it will or will not work with certain cables that allow the mirroring of the device.

    • Answered by Eric A from Malvern
  • This means that there is no provision for "Analog" output for either Audio or Video. The original iPods and all iPhones previously have allowed both analog audio and video, as well as digital audio out. There were plenty of pins (30 to be exact) to utilize these functions and still have a few for power. The new "Lightning" connector features an all-digital, eight-signal design.

    Simply put, except for the few accessories (mostly chargers and external battery solutions, as well as any all-digital interactive devices such as the Apple ® Camera Card Reader and USB interface) that can use this connector, the days of the iPhone Stand with the audio output jack are over, as well as any non-bluetooth boom box, or wired video accessories.

    To answer the second part of the question, it depends on the stereo manufacturer's interface, or interface kit (assuming an aftermarket add-on).
    If it utilized the digital audio before, it will work with this, but if it was essentially an analog audio in kind of interface, the answer is no.

    • Answered by Rick M from Veneta