What is the difference between this the Velop Intelligent Mesh system and the Velop Whole Home system aside from cost?

  • Asked by Peter L from Oakland

1 Answer from the Community

  • This particular model is an AC1300 dual-band unit which, based on the “advertised speeds” wifi standard means the single 2.4GHz channel should be able to hand 400mbps total traffic (so 4 devices all streaming at once would get 100mbps each, best case scenario) while the single 5GHz channel should be able to handle 867mbps total traffic at a shorter range with reduced signal as distance extends or the more obstacles/walls so at 150ft / 50m range from the router you will likely have better signal and speed from the 2.4GHz channel. The “Whole Home” system gives you value for money as it uses an additional 5GHz channel (tri-band = 2 x 5GHz and 1 x 2.4GHz) so it can not only handle more 5Ghz traffic but also communicate with other nodes quicker via back channel with less congestion. If you have a larger home the additional 5GHz channel will not give you more range over the single 2.4GHz channel so consider adding a second node to get 5GHz speeds everywhere (but make sure your devices can actually use 5GHz).

    • Answered by Chris S from Morayfield