Which plug in the World Travel Adapter kit works in Switzerland?

  • Asked by fn
Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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  • The two-pin European plug in this kit will work in Switzerland. Switzerland uses small hexagonal sockets, and 2-pin plugs designed to fit them will also plug into European outlets.

    Note: Swiss plugs that have an extra grounding pin won't work in other European sockets, and similarly the large round European plugs won't fit into Swiss sockets. That's not an issue here, but if you are shopping locally and pick up an Apple power adapter extension cable, you will find that the plug in it will be different between Switzerland and other European countries. (So, I can only use my extension cable in Switzerland, but I can use the Adapter from this kit in both Switzerland and Europe. I will just have to sit closer to the outlet when not in Switzerland.)

    • Answered by Jeremy B from San Mateo