Will this Lightning to 30 Pin adapter work with the old iPad Camera Connection Kit?

Will this Lightning to 30 Pin adapter work with the old iPad Camera Connection Kit?

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

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    Yes. Verified with my 4th Gen iPad

  • Yes it will work on both the old 30-pin adaptor USB and SD card kit.

  • I have tested this adapter, and it does work with my new iPad Air. When I inserted the SD card into the 30-pin adapter, and then inserted the Lightning adapter into my iPad Air, the screen immediately showed my photo albums. At the bottom of this screen was a series of options. At the far right was the "Import" button. When I clicked on it, all the pictures on my SD card were immediately displayed with the option to import them.

  • Yes it will. I didn't think it would because I'd heard mixed results without ever having actually tried it out myself. As I'm preparing to sell my iPad 2 and throw all it's accessories that I've accumulated over the years in the box with it, I came across these adapters and decided to give it a go on my new Air. It's a bit "janky," if you will, at first. I had to wait a sec but after a moment, all the pictures on my SD card popped up and I was able to import them.

    So I'll be keeping these for use with my new iPad Air.

  • I upgraded from an iPad 3rd gen to an iPad Air. Neither the SD or USB adapter with a 30-pin to Lightning Adapter will work with my iPad Air.

  • The Answer is Yes you Can Use this Adapter in the Old Apple Camera Connection Kit
    You Can Use This Adapter for
    Charging you Phone
    Syncing you Phone

    But You Cannot Use for Video Out like HDMI and D SUB

  • I can verify it works with the old camera connection kit. I have pulled RAW images off of my SLR SD card and have hooked up my iPhone 5S with the USB version to get pictures from it onto my iPad Mini Retina.

  • NO - not with the iPad Air. I read here and even did an online chat with Apple Support. Apple Support said I could use this adapter with the old 30 pin camera kit and the Air. Each of the new adapters (camera connector and SD card reader) are $29 each. I figured that the 30 pin to Air adapter would be a bargain at $29 because I could use both from the old kit. WRONG! Neither will work with the adapter. So much for trusting Apple online chat for support! Then again, I can use the adapter with the old kit - AS A PAPER WEIGHT maybe.

  • No. The old iPad Camera Connection kit has never worked for me with use of this adapter on the iPad 4.

  • With the ipod5, its a no go! I have a query in to Apple regarding this. I purchased the 30 pin to Lightning Wire connector specifically to use the micro card and camera kit, as well as the composite video cable. I was unable to get either of these accessories to work with this adapter.

  • Yes it will. I'm using ipad mini 2 and iOS 8.1 and EOS 7D connected through ipad camera connection kit and 30 pin adapter. It works fine.

  • It used to work for me but since I upgraded to an iPad air and os 8, it doesn't anymore.

  • It doesn't work with my iPad 4th Gen running iOS 8.1