Will this work with a mic for recording vocals?

  • Asked by fn from Brooklyn
Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Product No Longer Available

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    Could be wrong but I don't think this interface is intended for vocals/mics.

    Generally mics use a different connector and require additional power/preamp'ing to work.

    Apogee IS coming out with something (a mic) called MIKE that is intended to direct plug into the iPad, with typical Apogee sound/transfer quality.

    I'm planning on getting both and eventually the Symphony I/O mmmmm.

    • Answered by Ross T from Eliot
  • You'll need an impedance converter. And you'll need to make sure +40dB of gain is enough for your mic. And if the mic is a condenser, which most vocal mics are, you'll need an external phantom power supply.

    • Answered by Matthew S from Church Hill