Would the Airport Express be faster than my main router even though the Airport is connect to my main hub?

If I buy the Airport Express would it act faster (higher upload and download speed) than my main hub, it is connected too? The main hub is an EE fibre router although if I buy this product would it be faster and give off a longer signal?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    It depends on the specifications of your current wireless router. If this AirPort Express has better specifications, then in theory it should have a better signal, with a higher up- and download speed. But like I wrote; in theory. A wireless connection is always between two devices, for example between your laptop and your AirPort Express or between your smartphone and your AirPort Express. If the other device only supports older wireless standards, then having an AirPort Express which supports newer wireless standards will not improve your up- and download speed. The slowest link decides on the speed that is used on the wireless connection. Also, if your internet connection for example has a 50 Mbps download speed and your wireless network supports a higher speed, then you will still download on a maximum of 50 Mbps, as that is your internet connection speed. Last, but not least, the building you are in also has an influence on the wireless signal. In theory you might get a stronger signal, but if you are in a building with a lot of metal or thick concrete, then that signal will still not reach very far. The solution to this is to set up multiple wireless access points. I have one Time Capsule for example, which is my main router, and I have one AirPort Express connected to it with a network cable and one AirPort Express connected to it wirelessly, both to extend my wireless network through my house and garden.