I have a treadmill desk, and I walk at a slower pace while working. Will the watch detect my slow pace?

I have a treadmill desk and I walk while I work for 14K-16K steps per day, sometimes more depending on the day. I typically keep my hands still, due to typing, etc. and this walk is frequently not at a brisk walk, especially if I'm talking on the phone, etc., the pace can drop to 1.6-2 mph, etc. The earlier series watches did not detect my steps because i was at a slower pace, so I had to switch to a fitbit. Will the series 4 watch detect the slower pace on the treadmill desk? Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • Most likly yes! but to be sure check the user manual that came with the desk to see if its compatible. But the apple watch detects your heartrate so it most likly shouldnt be an issue! I dont reccomend fitbits becouse they can be VERY pricy for such a sucky watch! :)

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