what can a watch do that my iphone can't


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  • The apple watch can do mostly everythging that an iphone can do. If you like to go on runs without your phone or if you go to places without your phone alot you should get the cellular mode. even though thius option is 10$ a month you can turn it on and off in the watch settings. But if you choose not to get the cellular mode it will be the same as GPS+Cellular, all that means is that if you go somewhere without your phone you can still call someone without a phone. When you set up your watch there will be a pop up on the screen asking if you would like to transfer all of the apps from your phone that are compatible with an apple watch to your watch. overall a reallyt good purchase if you workout or somthing of the sorts becouse it can track your heart rate, breathing scale, timer, and tracks your steps, exercise, running, and how many calories you should eat, lastly it will notify you to stand if you havent stood in a while. I got my apple watch 1 week ago no complaints here! #Remember that you have to have any iphone greater than a six for your phone to be compatible and to oporate the apple watch!# 10/10 stars here no complaints!!! :)

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  • The Apple Watch is, for the most part, a continuation of the functionality of your phone. With a GPS Only model (one without the red dot and therefore without cellular), you can receive notifications through the watch and in some cases, interact with those notifications, notably replying to a text message, answering a call, playing a compatible game or reading an email. With a GPS + Cellular model, you can access all of this functionality without your phone nearby. Despite this, however, the Apple Watch has first party fitness capabilities that cannot be found on an iPhone, such as measuring heart rate, steps and other activity/motion tracking functions.

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  • Be worn on your wrist.

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