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    Could be great, but is not right now.

    • Written by Sunjay V from Harrow

    Apple products used to just work, that was the beauty of them, No fussing around, no complicated configuration, they just worked.
    I cannot believe that Apple are selling a product on their own online store that has some basic flaws. This appears to be happening more and more and as much as I want to love this, I can't right now. I have invested a lot of money in a new MBP 2016 15inch and this LG 5K display.
    The number one problem is that the display does not wake up from sleep when it is connected to my MBP (and the MBP is in closed lid mode/clamshell). So in order to wake it I have to remove my MBP from it's vertical dock, open the lid of the laptop and wake it up using it's own trackpad or keyboard.
    BUT....that does not work either!!! The thing just crashes! Completely unresponsive. So I have to hard reboot the MBP.
    This is not acceptable LG/Apple. Yes this can probably be fixed with a software update, but why does this basic function not work out of the box. Just on that principle I will be returning mine and waiting till someone else comes up with a solution that just works.

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