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    Not So Convenient

    • Written by Mohammed K from Dubai

    I bought this dock from the online store more than month ago, I faced a lot of issues in the beginning, monitor is not working, monitor black outs, flashes, etc... (this is with one ultra wide monitor only - not two 4K monitors!!!!)
    Before this dock the monitor was working perfectly through its display port cable and a thunderbolt 3 to display port adapter connected directly to the MacBook.
    I contacted Belkin support, then I figured out a work around myself, but not a convenient one, every time the monitor start flickering or goes into black outs you have to restart your MacBook (could be multiple times) until the MacBook and the dock detect the monitor and other connected devices correctly, which is a real pain to do daily, or 2 to 3 times per day.
    I'm sure there is an issue with the firmware they are using, it needs to be updated to sort out all the connectivity issues and display issue, especially with this high price.
    I really wish belkin will revert back with a solution / firmware update, or I may take it back to the Apple Store for a return.

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