Make Your Books Look Great Everywhere.

  • Make your book cover attractive and readable on every device. Book covers are sometimes displayed at small sizes, so it’s best not to include small text or intricate images. Instead, use larger text and images that will capture your customer’s attention and make visual sense even at small sizes.
  • Put the information where it’s intended and make use of the various data fields Apple Books provides to you as the publisher. For example, include series information in the series field rather than as a part of the title.
  • Your book or audiobook title should be concise. Longer titles that include series, subtitle, or other information that should be placed elsewhere will often be truncated on the store and likely won’t be visible to your customer.
  • Your book or audiobook’s description copy should be as interesting as the book itself. Aim for description copy of some substance, preferably more than 750 words. If your book is part of a series, include information about the series in your description copy. Style your description copy with bold, italics, or line breaks only as necessary. Use styling sparingly. For instance, bold can look strong for a short, impactful blurb paragraph at beginning of description copy but too much bold or italics often looks messy. Watch how line breaks and paragraphs look to your customer on Apple Books.
  • Books that are especially visual or image-driven should always include screenshots so your readers can see what your book looks like inside. They help to enhance your book’s product page on the store and grab the attention of your audience.