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A new level
of privacy
and security.

Every Apple product is built from the ground up to be secure and to protect your privacy.
Apple Card is no exception.

All the security of Apple Pay is built right in.

When you first get your Apple Card, a unique device number is created on your iPhone. Then it’s locked away in the Secure Element.

Every purchase requires your device number along with a one‑time, dynamic security code that iPhone generates when you authorize the purchase.

And how do you authorize a purchase? Effortlessly, with Face ID or Touch ID — two of the most advanced security technologies in the industry. So even if someone else gets ahold of your iPhone, it can’t be used to buy anything.

It’s hard to steal a credit card number when you can’t see it.

Apple Card doesn’t have any numbers on it. Not even a CVV. So that’s one less thing to worry about when you hand over your card at a restaurant or store. And if you ever lose it, you can freeze it and order a new one right in the Wallet app.

Even Apple doesn’t know what you bought. Or where. Or how much you paid.

At Apple, we firmly believe in your right to privacy. That’s why we created a unique architecture for Apple Card that generates things like your transaction history and spending summaries right in the Wallet app on your iPhone.

Of course, Goldman Sachs will use your data to operate Apple Card. But they will never share or sell your data to third parties for marketing or advertising.

Start using Apple Card in minutes.

You can apply for Apple Card in the Wallet app on your iPhone and start using it right away with Apple Pay.*