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    Not bad but you'll need a dual-USB adapter that supports QuickCharge

    • Written by Chris W from Montreal

    The 12v car lighter adapter that comes with this device is a single USB port. If you need two USB ports (e.g. for a bluetooth audio device on a car without built-in bluetooth, or a second charger for a passenger), it needs to support the Qualcomm QuickCharge standard, or the Mophie won't work.

    I've had mine attached to my vent for a couple of weeks now. It's nice to be able to pop the phone in and out with one hand without plugging/unplugging. It's also easy to rotate the phone without a cable flying in front of the centre controls. I thought the side brackets were ugly at first, but they've grown on me. Nicer than my previous cheap-o vent mount, whose rubber vent grips pulled off and fell into the ventilation system.

    Another criticism is that it only rotates on one spatial plane, from portrait to landscape mode. So you can't turn the phone towards yourself or the passenger if that's what you want. Or tilt up/down, although that's less of a concern for me.

    Having the QuickCharge feature is actually useful. It charges my iPhone 8 pretty quickly. But Mophie should have considered a dual USB-port adapter for those who need it.

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