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    The 1-Star Reviews of This Thing Are Totally False, LOL.

    • Written by Ronald R B from Winter Park

    I’m amazingly happy with my purchase of this induction charger for my car.

    I bought it a month or 2 ago and I’ve just been waiting for the things that these other 2 or 3 reviewers said would happen in “less than a month” if I bought it, but you know what? They never happened. My phone has never “slid down until the volume button got squeezed and turned off my volume” like the one guy said, and to tell you the truth I don’t think it’s ever slid down at all.

    One time I tried testing how quickly it charged, and this isn’t an exact number, but what I saw after a roughly 1 hour drive was that it will charge your phone by about 1% per minute, give or take. It might have been more like 0.8% or 0.9% per minute, but it was very close, and I bet if I hadn’t been using google maps or any other apps at the time I could have gotten it up to a 1% per minute charging speed.

    As a guy with a physics degree, let me explain to you why it can’t have a magnet on it. Induction charging uses magnetic flux lines and magnetism to move electrons from one place to another, so if we start putting random magnets on things that are trying to induction-charge our phones, we can’t charge our phones very effectively anymore can we?

    Anyway, I just wanted to leave this review because I already leave enough 1-Star reviews of my own on the internet about things I don’t like, so I figured I’d even it out some with this one. It just made me really angry to read those other 1-Star reviews about this thing and slowly realize that they weren’t even true, and in my opinion were probably written by competitors for all we know. I have no connection to Mophie, or any company involved in making or selling this device. I just think it’s a great device and I’ve had an entirely different experience with it than the other 2 or 3 reviewers who have reviewed it. You might also want to check and see if the other reviewers may have faked their credentials to get on this site in the first place ... just a thought.

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