How a
custom-built app personalised shopping from head to toe.

Laura Canada has been a womenswear retailer for over 90 years. And with iPad, they channelled all that tradition into a do-it-all custom-built app designed for the future. Simpler inventory management. Superpowered productivity. And the ability to deliver tailored, personalised shopping experiences, which has helped them turn their customers into lifelong fans — and helped boost revenue 25 times.

At a glance

510iPad devices
1.5KSales associates

Made-to-measure solutions.
iPad takes customer and employee experiences to another level.

App Development

An app.
Tailored to fit.


After check-out, it’s easy to check back in.

Inventory Management

A new solution
for a stock problem.


Every customer is a VIP.


Spot trends and take action.

Only with Apple


Apple tools make creating custom-built apps faster and simpler than ever before. Laura Canada partnered with Beehivr to create a custom-built app that streamlines every aspect of operations and clienteling.

Privacy and

Key security features such as Touch ID make it easy for sales associates to keep customer information secure. Customised user access for each store and individual ensures confidentiality, and if devices are stolen, they can be wiped remotely.


Laura Canada deployed iPad to over 140 retail locations across Canada, using zero-touch deployment with Apple Business Manager and Cisco Meraki mobile device management (MDM). Devices are ready out of the box, saving time and money on IT.


Technology made shopping more personal.

Highly personalised customer communications helped generate 25 times more revenue.

Restocking takes 85 per cent less time, balancing workloads and reducing lost sales.

iPadOS is intuitive and helped reduce training time by 50 per cent, down to a single day.

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