Brighter than ever.

Now Spotlight goes beyond your device to find what you’re looking for. Before it answers, it intelligently considers things like context and location. And the results are brilliant.


Type in a term like “Point Reyes” and you’ll get a snippet of the Wikipedia article, including a picture and a short summary. Tap it, and Spotlight takes you to the full article.


Spotlight knows what topics are hot. And as what’s trending changes, the list it gives you does too.

Nearby places

Hungry? Just enter the name of a restaurant, and Spotlight will show you one nearby, including the phone number and hours it’s open. Tap to go to Maps and see exactly how to get there.

iTunes Store

Spotlight is a great personal shopper. It can help you get straight to the music, movies, TV shows and podcasts you want.

App Store

Looking for an app you read about or that game everyone’s playing? Type the name, and Spotlight searches the App Store to find it fast.

iBooks Store

Want to find the perfect book? Spotlight helps you do less searching and more reading.

Suggested websites

Spotlight knows about popular websites. Type in a name, and Spotlight will take you there.

Works in Safari

See all these results in Safari as you’re typing in a search. The results appear alongside Top Hits and search suggestions.