Design So capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and light, you won’t have to.

The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly thin and light it is. iPad Air 2 is an impossibly thin 6.1 millimetres. And it weighs less than 450 grams. So it’s even easier to hold in one hand and take with you anywhere.

Ingenuity makes it thin.
Its unibody makes it strong.

When it was introduced five years ago, the original iPad set the standard for thinness and lightness. Since then, iPad has become even thinner and lighter. But thanks to its durable aluminium unibody, iPad Air 2 doesn’t sacrifice strength in the pursuit of thinness. From the moment you pick it up, you feel how sturdy and rigid it is.

Compare iPad Air 2 to previous models.

437 grams
6.1 mm thin

Not just a thinner display.
A beautiful display.

The displays on previous generations of iPad used three separate components. iPad Air 2 changes all that, combining those three layers into just one. This eliminates gaps between layers, along with the internal reflectance caused by those gaps. The result? Colours are richer, contrast is greater, and images are sharper and more vivid.

  • Cover glass
  • Touch sensor
  • LCD
  • Fully
9.7 inch display
2048×1536 resolution
3.1 million pixels

Your content, at your fingertips.

The LCD layer is now closer to your eyes (and your fingers), so when you touch the screen it feels as if you’re touching your content. And we’ve improved the sensitivity of the screen, so it tracks your finger even more accurately, especially when you make quick gestures. Which means everything you do — playing games, surfing the web, enjoying photos and videos — becomes more personal, immediate and immersive.

An incredibly low reflectance tablet.

iPad Air 2 features a custom-designed antireflective coating that reduces glare by 56 per cent, making it one of the least reflective tablets in the world. In virtually any kind of environment — offices, classrooms, outdoors — everything is clearer and more readable.

Silver, space grey and gold.
Three metallic finishes as brilliant as iPad itself.

Our designers pay as much attention to the back of iPad as they do to the front. The anodised aluminium body of iPad Air 2 comes in three elegant metallic finishes: silver, space grey and gold.

Every detail counts. Even the ones measured in microns.

The bevelled edges on the aluminium unibody are cut with a mono-crystalline diamond to tolerances measured in microns. (For reference, the width of a human hair is about 75 microns.) That level of detail may seem excessive. But every detail adds up to a better overall experience.

An iPad the whole planet can love.

We’re always thinking about the impact our products have on the world. And we know that impact continues after the end of a product’s useful life. That’s why nearly every Apple product is made from highly recyclable materials like aluminium, and why we go to great lengths to exclude harmful toxins from our components.

iPad Air 2 is a perfect example. The aluminium enclosure is highly recyclable. And every iPad Air is free of brominated flame retardants (BFRs), beryllium and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In fact, Apple has one of the strictest BFR-free and PVC-free standards in the industry. And we expect the same from our suppliers. So we actually disassemble our products into individual components and materials in our Cupertino lab. Then we test those components using a variety of methods, including X-ray fluorescence, spectroscopy and ion chromatography. We do this to ensure that every product we release meets our environmental standards.

Apple and the Environment
Mercury-free LCD display
Arsenic-free display glass
Recyclable aluminium enclosure