Built-in support
The Image Capture Architecture (ICA) in Mac OS X v10.3 includes support for a broad range of USB and FireWire flatbed and film scanners.

Applications that directly support acquiring images from TWAIN devices,* such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop, have access to any installed TWAIN Data Source (DS). The Image Capture application, and programs such as iPhoto that access its capabilities, have access to any installed DS as well as native ICA drivers.

Additional solutions
More solutions are available for scanning on Mac OS X. These solutions include using a dedicated scanning application or an Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-in.

Mac OS X v. 10.3 Built-in Support*

Epson Firewire Scanners Visit Epson’s Website
GT-9700 (Perfection 2450)
GT-9800 (Perfection 3200)

Epson USB Scanners
Perfection 610
Perfection 636
Perfection 640
Epson USB Scanners (Continued)
Perfection 1240
Perfection 1200
Perfection 1250
Perfection 1260
Expression 1600
Expression 1640XL
Perfection 1640
Perfection 1650
Perfection 1660
Expression 1680
Perfection 2400
Perfection 2450
Perfection 3200

Additional solutions
AGFA Foto Look Visit AGFA’s Website
Arcus II
DuoScan F40 (FireWire)
DuoScan HiD
DuoScan T1200
DuoScan T2500
AGFA Scanwise Visit AGFA’s Website
SnapScan 1212u
SnapScan 1236u
SnapScan Touch
SnapScan e10
SnapScan e20
SnapScan e25
SnapScan e26
SnapScan e40
SnapScan e42
SnapScan e50
SnapScan e52
Canon Visit Canon’s Website
CanoScan 5000F
CanoScan 8000F
CanoScan 9900F
CanoScan LiDE 20
CanoScan LiDE 30
CanoScan N670U
CanoScan N676U
CanoScan N1240U
CanoScan N670U
CanoScan N676U
CanoScan N1240U
Additional drivers will be available soon:
CanoScan D1230UF
CanoScan D2400UF
CanoScan N650U
CanoScan N656U
CanoScan N1220U
Epson Visit Epson’s Website
Perfection 610
Perfection 640U
Perfection 1200U
Perfection 1240U
Perfection 1240U PHOTO
Perfection 1250
Perfection 1250 PHOTO
Perfection 1640SU
Perfection 1640SU PHOTO
Perfection 1640SU OFFICE
Perfection 1650
Perfection 1650 PHOTO
Perfection 1660 PHOTO
Perfection 2400 PHOTO
Perfection 2450 PHOTO
Hewlett-Packard Visit HP’s Website
AIO 700
AIO 750
AIO 900
ScanJet 3500C
HP Scanjet 3500 series
HP Scanjet 7400 series
HP Scanjet 4500
HP Scanjet 5500
Microtek Visit Microtek’s Website
ArtixScan 1100
ArtixScan 1800f
ArtixScan 2500f
ArtixScan 4500t
ScanMaker 8700 Pro Design
ScanMaker 9800XL
ArtixScan 4000t***
ArtixScan 4000tf***
ScanMaker 4800***
ScanMaker 4850***
ScanMaker 4900***
ScanMaker 8700***
UMAX Visit UMAX’s Website
PowerLook III***
PowerLook 2100XL***
PowerLook 3000***

* Requires a Panther-compatible TWAIN Data Source (DS).
** The Type1Scanner driver currently supports reflective scanning only.
*** Currently in beta.

SilverFast from LaserSoft supports over 150 SCSI and USB scanners from Acer, AGFA, EPSON, Linotype, Microtek, PFU, Polaroid, Quato, and UMAX.

VueScan from Hamrick Software supports hundreds of FireWire, SCSI and USB scanners from vendors including Acer, AGFA, Apple, BearPaw, Canon, EPSON, Genius, HP, Kodak, Konica, KYE, Linotype-Hell, Microtek, Minolta, Nikon, Polaroid, Plustek, and UMAX.