Volume Recycling for Education

Apple’s commitment to the environment includes finding the most efficient ways to recycle electronic equipment, including computers and displays from any manufacturer.

It’s easy being green

Apple offers large education institutions the opportunity to recycle large volumes of unwanted computer equipment at no charge. All you have to do is register.

You will need to provide your estimated collection volume, collection location and contact details.

Get Started

The recycling program is operated by Infoactiv Group Pty Ltd.

View the Terms and Conditions and register online.

You will be contacted by a representative from Infoactiv Group Pty Ltd within ten business days of registration to co-ordinate the collection.

Still have questions about the Apple Recycling Program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

For any queries, please contact Infoactiv Group support team by email at applerecycling@infoactiv.com.au.