Volume Recycling for Enterprise - Frequently Asked Questions

Volume Recycling for Education

Who can qualify?
Apple Volume Recycling is offered to large businesses and education institutions in Australia. To be eligible, the large business or education institution must have more than 20 acceptable items to recycle.

What products are eligible for recycling?
Apple will accept for recycling computers, monitors, iPod and iPad devices, and mobile phones and peripherals from any manufacturer, except products contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with chemicals, biological agents or other substances that are not integral to the original new equipment or otherwise associated with normal office or household environments. A collection must include at least 20 computers and/or monitors. Apple also offers a mail-back program for mobile phones and iPod devices.

What products are not accepted through Apple’s Recycling program?
Copiers, TVs, overhead projectors, projectors, batteries that are not an integral part of the system being recycled, loose batteries or batteries which are corroded, leaking or otherwise damaged, UPS systems, CRTs that have been removed from their cases, or CRTs that are cracked or broken are not accepted for recycling. Contaminated equipment of any kind or any other hazardous or other type of waste prohibited or restricted by local, state or federal regulations will not be accepted.

What types of peripherals can be recycled?
Recyclable computer peripherals include cables, mice, keyboards, computer speakers, printers, scanners, floppy disk drives, optical media and external hard drives.

How do I arrange to recycle unwanted computer equipment?
To register your recycling request, fill out the online form. You will need to provide your estimated collection volume, collection location and contact details.

When will I be contacted?
You will be contacted by Infoactiv within 10 business days of registration to coordinate the collection.

How do I package the equipment?
When Infoactiv contacts you to discuss the best means of collection, it will advise you how to package your items. In some circumstances you may be asked to provide your own packaging.

Who pays for the pick-up and recycling?
Apple pays for products to be collected and recycled.

Who administers this service?
Apple has contracted Infoactiv Group Pty Ltd to provide this service. Infoactiv contracts independent logistics and recycling services. Apple audits the practices of these recyclers to ensure they meet Apple standards.

Do I have to erase the data on my old computer?
Yes, before your equipment is collected for recycling, you should back up or transfer any data; delete data on the hard disk and any other storage devices in the products; and remove any removable media, such as disks, CDs or SD cards. Apple has no responsibility for the loss or confidentiality of customer data on recycled equipment.

I have sent products through the Apple Recycling Program, but now I want them back. Can Apple return them?
Once the hardware has been picked up, Apple and Infoactiv cannot return it to you. By participating in the program, you relinquish all rights to the hardware and other computer materials sent to Infoactiv.

How should I dispose of the batteries in my portable computer?
Your battery can ship inside the unit. If you have an extra battery, please tape over the terminal with clear tape or electrical tape.

How is the product recycled?
When you recycle with Apple, your used equipment is disassembled in Australia. Plastics, glass, cables and metals are separated so they can be further processed and refined and ultimately reused in manufacturing processes. The hard drive is physically destroyed in the recycling process. Whole products are not refurbished, sold on or donated.

How long does the process take?
Infoactiv endeavours to pick up all products within one month of registration. However, we are mindful of the environmental cost of the transportation and logistics involved in this recycling effort. Where volumes are low, recycling pick-ups will be combined to coincide with nearby customers, which may result in longer collection times in some areas.

What areas will the program cover?
Infoactiv will collect products from Australian capital cities and major regional centres only at this time. In remote locations, the environmental impact of vehicle emissions may outweigh the benefit of collection. In these instances, Infoactiv will keep your request on file and contact you to schedule a pick-up if other requests are received from your area that will make a pick-up environmentally worthwhile. In some instances, recycling volumes may not be large enough to justify a recycling collection, in which case no other service will be offered in lieu.

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