can i use the airport time capsule to also backup my ipad and iphone100 results found

Q: Backing up Broken phone

I have broken my iPhone 7. I will be sending it off to be repaired but need to back up the phone . The screen is cracked; so it’s hard to see what I’m doing. My phone is synced with my iPad Air 2, so I was wondering if I actually needed to back up the phone or would all the info be wiped off the phone as well as the iPad when repaired....

Q: My iPhone want back up

My iphone wants back up

Q: Can I back up multiple phones to my Mac?

Can I easily back up multiple iPhones to one Mac?

Q: Back-up iPhone contents

How do I back - up my address book from my iPhone 5c iOS 10.3.3?

Q: How do I find the back up messages from my IPhone in ICloud?

I deleted one message threat and I can’t find it in ICloud. My messages are supposed to be back up (the green circle is on) but I can’t find it on my phone or on the ICloud on the Mac.. are the messages backed up automatically, why is the message icon not on the ICloud group of back up icons on the Mac? ...

Q: This is a very useful article but how do I back up my phone with it not being on?

Unexpectedly, my phone had froze and shut down a couple days ago. This is currently an issue that I am experiencing with my iphone , suspecting that this was a possibly a backup issue. So my question is, how do I update/ backup my phone with it being shutdown?...

Q: Can i make a back up if my phone got stolen and its offline?

my phone got stolen in my last trip and i didnt do a backup so i am asking if there is anyway that i can do remotely because the phone is offline. Shall i give you my icloud account and you can back it up for me? I dont know...

Q: iphone 6s back up issue

I backed up my iPhone 6s to iTunes on 8/25 however when I choose to restore the phone in I tunes I do not have the option for this restore point , I have windows 8 on my hard drive I backed up 59 gig from the phone , I can see the files on my drive but do not know how to get them back into iTunes to restore to my new phone , the only restore points in I tunes are later dates without my information , I know the files are still on my drive as I can see the drive storage...

Q: backing up my new Xs iphone from Itunes

I cant backup my iphone Xs to Itunes on my macbook pro.  The macbook is an older model and itunes keeps saying - 'To use your Iphone with Itunes you need to install OS X 10.11.4 or later.  But when I try to intall 10.11.6, it says I need 10.11 first.  Im a bit lost! How do I install 10.11? im currently running Yosemite 10.10.5...

Q: Restore phone from back up

Restore phone from backup

Q: How do I lock my screen to back up my iPhone 7

How do I backup my iPhone 7

Q: Cannot Back up my new phone

Cannot Back up my new phone , keep getting an error message that it cannot read / write to the phone [Re-Titled by Host]...

Q: Can I back up my iPhone 5 13GB to a 16 GB flash drive?

Can I back up my iPhone 5 13GB to a 16 GB flash drive before upgrading to a 6?

Q: Back up iPhone

How do I backup my data on my iPhone (5 & 7)?  And how do I reload the information after erasing it?  My greatest fear is that I will lose part of the data.  I need to do this to unlock my phone ....

Q: my iPhone 7+ cloud back-up,  not showing in iTunes

My iPhone 7+ icloud backup is not showing in iTunes, I have the latest version of iTunes installed, please advise....

Q: how do i find my iphone back up in itunes

how do i find my iphone back up in itunes

Q: How do I get backed up photos unto my new iPhone

You need to backup your old device.How to back up your iPhone , iPad , and iPod touch - Apple Support   Then restore that backup into the new one and make sure you sign into your Apple ID as well.   Restore your iPhone , iPad , or iPod touch from a backup - Apple Support

Q: How do I back up to get my old apps and messeges back onto my new phone

I got a new phone and I can’t back up my apps and my messages onto my new phone from my icloud...

Q: Accidentally restored old iPhone data & recent content not backed up.

and emails on my iPhone 8. However, the apps, photos, messages, and settings (like wallpaper and text size) are the same as my old iPhone 6 and not the same as what I had on my iPhone 8 before I restored it. When I went to Settings>iCloud> Backup , it was turned off and it said that my iPhone will back up to my computer automatically when I sync with iTunes. However, on iTunes on my Mac it says that my iPhone has never been backed up on this computer and that my most recent backup was in March...

Q: iTunes could not back up phone as it has not yet been set up

Hi, so I got my new phone today and somehow, it indicates that it was backedup with my previous iPhone , but still has the 'connected to iTunes' screen. When I try to restore it from the selected backup , it keep telling me the password is incorrect.   I hope someone can help me!   VB...

Q: back up phone

I dropped my i phone yesterday and ever since the screen is completely black. when trying to back it up on my mac today its asking me to access my phone but i cannot because the screen is just black. is there any other way to back up you phone onto the cloud or mac without having access to your phone ?...

Q: So for example if I loose my iPhone or it gets stolen. Can I go onto any computer and locate my photos etc by going to the iCloud website or does everything get backed up to my email address?

If I loose my phone or it is stolen do I log into this website to recover my photos etc? Or do my photos get backed up to my email address?...

Q: How can I back up from iPhone 7plus

How can I back up from iPhone 7plus

Q: I currently have ios 10.8.5 on my Macbook Air. I need 10.10.5 to download the newer iTunes so I can back up my iPhone 6 . What is the easiest way to do this?

I currently have ios 10.8.5 on my Macbook Air. I need 10.10.5 to download the newer iTunes so I can back up my iPhone 6 . What is the easiest way to do this?...

Q: How to back up photos without Wifi? Since the iPhone doesn't have WiFi capability

I had an iPhone 7 and lost the ability to Bluetooth and use WiFi. Then started to have problems with keeping service for more than 5 minutes. I am wondering how I can back up my photos to icloud so I dont lose them all. I had just bought extra memory to upload before it started acting up. ...

VIDEO: How to use Personal Hotspots on your iPhone or iPad - YouTube

Activate your iPhone's Personal Hotspot so you can access the internet on your Mac, wherever you are.

Q: how to back up iOS file

I wanted to remove my iOS iPhone backup file to an external drive as my laptop has no space at this time. ...

Q: Is there anyway to back up the text in iMessages?

Is there anyway to back up the text in iMessages? I want to save the text conversations I have with my son....

Q: Is there a way to back up or system update without WiFi

Is there a way to back up iCloud or do system update on my iPhone 8+ without WiFi

Q: How can I restore my backed up daya

I do not know how to restore  backed up files to my new phone .