Am I able to connect HomePod to a 3rd party speaker; to enable using Siri functionality but have the audio routed to another, higher-quality speaker?

I am looking to use a high-quality network-connected speaker in conjunction with HomePod. Can I route the audio from HomePod to this speaker so I can essentially utilise it's Siri features but then hear the music through the other speaker?


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  • No, there are no ways to connect HomePod via jacks to any other input OR output devices. It connects via wifi only. That said, have you listened to a HomePod? It's been tested by audiophiles and rated as the full equal of other systems that, in some cases, cost considerably more. I'm sure there are other, higher-quality systems, also higher-priced; dollar for dollar, the HomePod is pretty amazing.

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  • I would say yes. Though it's not a direct "connection". You simply add an Airport Express (which had both optical and 3.5mm Audio output), into your setup. I have two of these, on my wireless home network, that are connected to very nice receivers and speakers, that blow away the (very good) sound of the HomePod. I simply say to the Kitchen HomePod, "Play the Beatles, Everywhere", and she diligently sends her output to the fantastic stereo systemic our grand living room. It's quite magical. If I only want the music playing in the living Room, I can reduce the Kitchen HomePod volume to zero by tapping her - button, or using various methods on iPhone, iPad. I hope this is helpful to you, encourages you to get a hompod, and enjoy the fantastic convenience and sound it brings to your home.

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  • Yes, if the "high-quality network-connected speaker" is connected to a home theater receiver that supports AirPlay2 (emphasizing "2"). The list of manufacturers and specific models of receivers supporting Airplay2 was very limited when I purchased one approximately in Nov 2018, but I can control my Bowers & Wilkins tower speakers using Siri voice commands with any of the Homepods throughout my home. The B&W speakers do not have (or need) Airplay2 built-in (or the earlier gen Airplay); that's not necessary, since they are 'hard'-connected (wired) to my Marantz Airplay2 capable receiver. I find the functionality and convenience awesome! Note that you can also control the volume of the 'high-quality' speakers BOTH by voice commands to Home Pod AND independently through the receiver/receiver's physical remote control. I also believe that if the "high-quality" speaker(s) have built in Airplay2, you could achieve the same result without the receiver needing Airplay2 (HomePod just recognizes the "high-quality" speakers as if like another HomePod), but replacing the receiver was a better option for me than replacing the B&W speakers.

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