Can Homepod play Master Quality Audio (MQA) tracks from Tidal ?

I can play on Homepod all tracks from Tidal in sound quality below Master Quality Audio but when a track in MQA begins, no sound comes out of Homepod.


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  • Are you playing from the Tidal App on your computer or an iOS (iPhone/iPad) device? The Tidal iOS App now supports MQA so it will be processed on your iOS device and automatically passed through to your HomePods. The Tidal App on the computer has an option to have the Tidal software decode MQA (aka your Mac) or the speakers/device do the MQA decoding. If you select the device then the HomePods can't decode MQA because MQA decoding is not built in to the hardware of the HomePod. Make sure you've unchecked MQA Device Decoding so that MQA will be decoded by the Tidal software on the Mac. MQA will then be processed by the Tidal App and then passed through to the HomePods. Open the Tidal App on your Mac. Next to the volume slider is a speaker icon. Click on the speaker icon and select Built In Output, then select More Settings. The 3rd option in the list is Passthrough MQA. Make sure that button is not green (aka unchecked). By leaving this unchecked you are telling Tidal software to do the MQA decoding not your selected device which in your case would be the HomePod. There are devices and speakers out there that have hardware decoding of MQA. That is why that option exists but again the HomePod does not support hardware decoding of MQA. Hope this helps.

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