Can I replace my Radio Alarm Clock with a HomePod?

Right now I own a Bose Wave Radio Alarm Clock which I use to wake up on a workday at 6am playing BBC Radio 1 via an ariel. I am interested to know if HomePod can replace this device? I fully aware that HomePod does not have a tuner or ariel however, could I simply setup an alarm on HomePod and stream BBC Radio 1 or maybe even Beats1 (which I have still never listened to because the only time I listen to the radio is in a morning..)? It seems like such a simple task for such a supposedly smart speaker, especially since I believe the Amazon Echo and Google Home are both capable of this feat. If it can then I will seriously consider buying one, if the answer is no then unfortunately, I definitely won't be.


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  • You can set multiple alarms on HomePod, but you cannot set a specific audio source as the alarm at this time. The HomePod has only one chime for an alarm, and a different chime for a timer.

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  • Yes, all of the audio that specifically Apple provides can stream on the HomePod. As long as an Apple app can play it on your phone, you can play it on your HomePod!

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