Can I use my private iTunes library on the HomePod?

I have over 500 Gb of music stored in my iTunes library on an external hard drive. Can this be played through the HomePod without having to jump through a bunch of hoops such as a separate phone app other than the Apple app. And if so can the songs be changed from the app?


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  • Yes, it can, but you must complete “iTunes Match” first, so that your music is available in the cloud. Once you have done that, and the HomePod(s) are linked to the same Apple account as the iTunes Match, Siri can access your entire library and you can ask Siri to play certain songs, certain albums, to shuffle all songs, or songs of a specific genre, or a specific artist as well as any of your playlists. It’s really great!

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  • Unfortunately, you apparently can't any more. I have iTunes Match, and used to be able to play anything from my library on my HomePod simply by asking for it ("Hey Siri, play song xxx"). However, that stopped working several months ago and nothing I do seems to change that. I think Apple has disabled the ability to play music you own via HomePod, except for music you purchased from the iTunes Store directly. This makes the HomePod a big albatross for me, I am super disappointed in my expensive paperweight. You can still play your music to it by selecting the music on your iPhone and "sending" it to the HomePod via AirPlay, but that requires you to pull out your phone and go through several steps each time, and if that's all I wanted to do, there are better and cheaper speakers out there. I expect better of Apple.

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  • I'm not sure what lies behind Davit T's assertion. It just isn't my experience. I'm going to reiterate what I wrote before=--which I just learned means that Apple will delete my prior answer--which is unfortunate, since it was also saying that "9 of 11 people" found that answer useful. Most message boards allow a continuing dialog; why doesn't this one?! But that's another issue. So here's that prior message, slightly edited for timeliness: "I have been going through the process of digitizing a collection of old LPs, converting the individual tracks to individual MP3 and AAC files. This project has included some non-commercial albums (e.g., high school band or choir recordings from the 1960s)....As soon as I put those in iTunes, they get uploaded to iCloud and are accessible to be played through the HomePods in both of our residences, as well as anyplace else (e.g., our car) where I might want to play them." Anyway, I just checked, asking Siri to play two different private recordings that would not be available through the iTune store, but recordings that are part of my own set of files in iCloud, and she did. One was a college glee club recording, converted from cassette tape; the other a high school production from the late 1960s, converted from LP. Definitely not something sold by iTunes store. Both played immediately via verbal request to Siri. So whatever it is, David T's experience is I'm sure an accurate description of what he's had happen, but not universally true. Far from being disappointing paperweights, I have grown to appreciate HomePods even more now that I've gotten the newest Apple TV and deployed the HomePods to provide rich stereo sound to accompany streaming movies.

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