Can this be configured as JBOD? (6 individual volumes without raid).

I want to set up as an external hard drive to back up my current data with Time Machine and also to add work data which I can access easily on a daily basis.
First question: Is JBOD the best solution for this situation and if so, second question: If I set up as JBOD does it mean that 6 icons will appear as 6 separate drives or will it be shown as one large drive?

PROMISE Pegasus2 R6 18TB (6 x 3TB) Thunderbolt 2 RAID System

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  • I have the 4 platter version of this. Mine is configured as JBOD. One disk is used for Time Machine backup of my iMac. A second is used to store my photos and videos. A third is a weekly automated Clone backup of the iMac's internal boot drive. The fourth is used for testing.

    Yes, each disk has its own icon on the desktop of the iMac. Of course, you can also partition one or more of the bare metal drives in the box so you'll have even MORE separate drive icons on the desktop of the computer to which it's attached.

    It's amazingly quick compared to other external drives unless those other drives are also TB2 - connected.

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  • It appears that the "diskless" version of the R4 is no longer available, but Promise Utility software did support JBOD. JBOD should show up as a separate icon for every HDD, the same way they did on previous Mac pros.

    Sure, this will work for a super fast Time Machine backup (although that speed is generally unnecessary and a very expensive solution). Just remember that the extra "work data" won't be backed up at all unless you create some type of RAID in the Pegasus. Your ideal solution is multiple RAID types in the single enclosure, or set it up as a RAID 5 for everything.

    You should really contact Promise with specific configuration questions.

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