I have a Time Capsule and rely on Time Machine to handle backups. Will these nodes co-exist with my existing Time Capsule/Machine and extend WiFi?

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  • Put your time capsule in bridge mode and turn networking off. Then connect it via ethernet to the Velop. That way it just acts as a server for your backups. You won't want the time capsule to do any of the networking.

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  • Avery is on the money with his response. I put my Time Capsule in Bridge mode and turned off the networking using Apple’s Network Utility. Unplugged the TC from my FIOS router (turn off the networking/ radio on it too). Downloaded and opened the Linksys Velop App. Followed the steps... very easy... within 30 minutes I was set up with a 3 node network. Next I plugged the TC into one of the Nodes... system immediately saw it... and was working as advertised without any interaction from me. I then plugged in my SONOS Bridge... worked without any adjustments from me. ADT Pulse alarm no action required.... Ring Doorbell I had to reset and have it join the new network. All devices Macs and IOS joined easily... I was very surprised and pleased how well it all went. You will also like the APP going forward. Hope this helps.

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  • Three previous helpful answers here, but two seem to contradict. Brandan (1/10/18) says simply set TC to extend, implying keeping it attached to the network wirelessly. On the other hand, Avery (1/15/18) says to turn networking off and connect TC by ethernet to Velop. Possibly both are good ways to do it. Is there a consensus on which would work best?

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  • Yes, in airport utility, set your time capsule to “extend WiFi network” then select the Linksys network! Done and dusted!

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  • I would connect my time capsule on wired and turn off its WiFi.

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  • Yes, use the AirPort Utility to configure the AirPort Time Capsule and use the Linksys app to manage the Linksys Velop.

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