Looking for a combo charger and extension cord for ipod touch.

In my car, I have a dock in my glovebox where I can plug in my ipod to play music through the car's stereo. This is great but there are a couple of problems.

1. The dock in the glovebox does not charge the ipod.
2. The ipod stays in the glovebox, and controls for changing songs/tracks through the relatively crude interface to the stereo are not ideal.

What I'm looking for may not exist, but I want to get an extension cord so that I can still plug the ipod in at the dock in the glovebox, but have the ipod out of the glovebox so I can see it, etc. I also would like to have a way to charge it using the dc lighter thing.

Does anyone make a cable that's an extension cable with another branch off of it for charging? I'm envisioning a cord with a car charger on one end that plugs into the ipod, then a second cord that is a docking extension cord that also runs into the end of the cable that plugs into the ipod.

All of this may be moot if I move to the iphone. I have a bluetooth connection for my phone but not sure if the iphone could take calls and play music through the bluetooth connection. My wife's car does this but mine is a little older and might not.

Apple 30-pin to USB Cable

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