Can I connect my macbook pro Retina to two x "Mini DisplayPort to Dual-link DVI Adapter" driving 2 x Dell 2560x1600 monitors?

I have a macbook pro Retina. I am happy using it with a Displayport Dual-DVI adapter with a Dell monitor (2560 x 1600). I would like to know if I can order a second adapter and connect my macbook pro Retina to a 2nd exactly the same monitor?

Thank you in advance.

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    I am happy to report that I was able to connect 2 adapters to attach to Dell Cinema monitors (2650 x 1600 each) to my Macbook Pro.

    Note that each adapter needs a USB port which meant the second adapter had to use a USB port on the right hand side of my MBP. Fortunately, the y-shape part of the adapter is long enough to reach the USB on the right side.

    Also, I can use the built-in monitor for a total of 3 screens. I am using the set-up for mostly browsing and highly text based app so I cannot vouch how the set-up might operate with low latency apps such as games running high-res and fast changing graphics.

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  • I am connecting a Retina Macbook Pro (15", 2.4Ghz, 16gb) with 2 Dell U2713M with resolution of 2560x1440. Works great so far with 2 Apple Dual Link DVI adapters. One thing to note is that these adapters require USB for power and the Y-shaped end of the adapter does not make the USB cable long enough to connect to the second available USB port on the rMBP as it is located on the right side (the Thunderbolt ports are both on the left side, along with one USB port). I wish Apple had put both USB ports next to the 2 Thunderbolt ports. I am also using a Macbook Air which is placed to the left of the rMBP and connecting the second USB cable into the MBA, this works just fine as the USB cable is merely looking for a power source. So I suppose if you only had the rMBP you would have to find a way to power the second Dual Link adapter. I have also tested using the Dell U2713M with the MBA (which can only take one external monitor this way) and works just fine so will consider picking up a third monitor and dual link adapter for a full setup. As a note I am not using this setup for any graphic intensive work, mostly text and charts and as noted it works wonderfully well. Bear in mind the laptop will be hotter at work as it is working harder to support the external monitors and occasionally the fans will be a little noisy but nothing too alarming. I read a lot of negative reviews on the Dual Link Adapter before purchasing but I suspect the problems may arise if using older equipment as most reviewers who were using relatively new equipment (monitor and computer) seemed to be fine.

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  • That should be possible. There are videos on youtube with people successfully running setups like that.

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