can ipad/ipad camera connection kit be a good alternative to using a laptop on photoshoots

im a photographer and im looking to buy an ipad and camera connection kit to take on location shoots as replacement to my laptop.

when i finish photographing i back up the images taking them off the camera and straight onto a laptop..from there i'll take the images onto my mac as soon as im back at my machine..

the files are raw files and very large - taken from canon mark 5d ii ........ what is data transfer speed like? on 4gb amount of data, is it compatible with raw files and any photographer out there using it on there photoshoots? -what do you think

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

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    I hasten to add that I won't have my ipad and connection kit for just under 2 weeks but as a fellow UK photographer here is how I'm thinking just now.

    1) For a 5d I'm assuming you are using UDMA CF cards. That means to connect you will use a direct connection via the USB adapter.

    2) It is known that USB headphone/microphone set can be successfully connected to the USB adapter, as can a USB keyboard.

    3) It is known that the USB adapter won't recognise external drives, only cameras. It might be that all external drives tested were USB bus powered and it might work with an external powered drive, we'll have to see.

    4) It is known that while you can copy images and videos from the SD card reader to the iPad, you can't copy them from the iPad to the SD card reader.

    5) It is known that the iPad shows reasonable images with Canon and Nikon raw files but terrible images with Leica DNG files which hold much smaller previews. This indicates that the iPad is not really reading the raw file but the jpeg previews inside the file package. Leica users are getting round that issue by shooting DNG+Jpeg and then the iPad works on the jpeg instead of the DNG file.

    As such, right now, I think the answer is that you will still need the laptop for in-field editing unless you restrict your workflow to jpegs. However I'd expect that the demand for a fully raw capable iPad app will be high from photographers and if it doesn't appear in the form of an app with this itteration of the iPad, I'd think it will with a more powerfull 2nd generation iPad.

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