Is it possible to connect an apple USB keyboard through it?

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

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    Yes. I have heard of people using it to plug in their USB keyboards in, as long as the keyboard does not require drivers.

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  • According to many people, yes you can. It doesn't even have to be an Apple keyboard. Just plug it in and it should work.
    This is however, an undocumented feature and as such is subject to removal or 'blocking' by Apple. In other words, Apple could decide they don't want people to use their camera connection kit for keyboards and could thus disable it in future updates. But for now, yes it is possible and works perfectly.

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  • I bought my iPAD and Camera connection kit together in Nov 2010 and the USB connector does not support my USB iMAC keyboard. I guess Apple have "blocked" it now.

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  • Officially, cameras only.

    Unofficially, it apparently works. People have found that keyboards do work.

    You can't assume that keyboards will continue to work - they are not officially supported.

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  • No, but you can connect a wireless apple bluetooth keyboard to the ipad or use the keyboard ipad dock.

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  • Not according to Apple. The device is specifically designed to upload photo's and videos from a compatable device. Since the device isn't really designed to be a USB port, but rather have a USB compatable input, it would appear that Apple is simply allowing the connection so that the software can search a compatable device for appropriate files.

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  • No, digital cameras only.

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