Will this work for connection to an external USB hard drive?

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

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    It may; only if your hard drive is self-powered. Flash drives and portable hard drives will not work as it relies for the USB adapter for power. With no power coming from the USB adapter, you can't power your hard drive and thus not being able to use it.
    AND when your hard drive does work, it can only draw images out from the hard drive and import them into your iPad. Unless Apple has released an update where you can use it as a secondary storage device, there is no way of using your hard drive other than importing images.
    Third party apps may take advantage of the adapter but only if Apple has unlocked such capability.

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  • It has nothing to do with Apple "unlocking" the ability to use the USB connection device to use external hard drives. It has to do with developing drivers to use other external devices. I spoke with an Apple Tech person yesterday and he advised that until Apple or third parties develop drivers to allow the iPad to work with peripheral devices such as mice, typewriters, or to allow the ipad to write to SD cards (instead of reading from SD cards), all you can do with the iPad cammera Connection Kit devices is read from USB cameras and read from SD cards.

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  • Yes the camera connection kit does work with an external USB/Flash drive. It can only read from a DCIM folder, and photos and videos must be in the correct format. There is a walkthrough posted on youtube under "ipad and camera connector" on 26th August.

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  • I want to be sure I understand the answer:

    A. If I have an external drive that requires power, this will not work.

    B. If I have an external drive, something small, like a flash memory stick, this MIGHT work. Any confirmation on wether these flash memory sticks DO work or definitely DON'T?

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  • yes it will work i couldn't connect my canon 20 d to the ipad direct so i stuck the camera's flash card into a portable non powered sd card reader . a little cheap thing cost about a tenner
    bingo it worked and was fast too they were raw +jpeg files

    Not a very techie answer but it answers your question hopefully


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  • The flash drive or the hard drive must be formatted to the same type as an SD card. it will display,

    "This product is not supported by iPad"

    If it is not formatted correctly. I do not remember which one to format it to but i know that you have to format it.

    Hope this helps.

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