You can IMPORT photos, but can you EXPORT photos through this port?

I.E. I am on a long vacation traveling around the world, I don't want to take my notebook with me, and I have a camera that takes photos with large file sizes. Even the maximum 64GB iPad will fill up fast. Will I be able to EXPORT photos to a hard drive?

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

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    No, the connection kit does not support exporting.
    However, you can take pictures off the iPad by using a computer or by uploading them to a web service and deleting them off your iPad, the only problem with the latter solution is that you can't upload the raw files.

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  • on iTouch, you can use the cable provided to connect to PC to import from / export to pictures, musics, movies via some third party app (not iTune- iTune use the sync feature from PC to iTouch so it is more one way traffic). I am wondering if anyone tries using that approach to export files from ipad to PC?

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  • I am very curious to find an answer to this question too. Does anyone have a USB connection kit that they can try this with?

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