Does the AV Composite Cable works with my iPhone 4s with IOS6 ?  Or will I only have the sound?  Thanks and regards  Dirk

Apple Composite AV Cable

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    Hi - I have this same question...I just purchased the AV Composite Cable, have the Iphone 4/IOS6 and get no video...only sound on my tv...bummer. If you or anyone else can answer this, let me know. Thanks.

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  • Just tested this Composite AV Cable with Iphone4 (gsmA1332)IOS6.Netflix, Youtube(also tested with Safari), BBC iplayer global and Veetle only sound working no picture. Tried with two other Iphones, 4 and 4s running IOS5.1 all working fine sound and picture. Dont up date if you want to use this cable. If you updated problem.(I tried but failed to revert the phone back to IOS5.1) Go buy a Apple TV that works and may be the only solution. I havent tested a HDMI or component cable myself, but I have been reading other posts they seem to have problems also.

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  • The cable works just fine with videos and photos. The new you tube app doesn´t work, but if you use the safari interface for you tube, the videos can be seen in the tv.

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  • I have an iphone 4 with ios6 and video works for netflix. I didn't test anything else.

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  • Yes, the video will work as well. I have the 4s with ios6 and I have used it in my car and on my home TV for movies, netflix, hulu.. they all work.

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  • I visit the Apple store with my old iPhone 3GS with ios 5.1 and my new iPhone 4S with iOS 6 (both only Sound, no picture on every App. Included Apples Movie/Video app). They checked different Things but Nothing helps First. They cecked my AV Cable with their iPad and iPhone ( iOS 5 and 6) and what should i say... It works on both! So they advised me to make a Backup from my both phones and reset them and restore the Backup. On my 3GS it Works now i can use my Old cable and i have Sound AND Picture!!! Unfortunatelly on my 4s it still dont Works!! Regards Dirk

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  • It only works for certain things. It works for movies in your "video" files. It works for YouTube. It doesn't yet work for Amazon Prime. Although you can watch amazon prime on your iPad - but not on your tv yet.

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  • I recently purchased the AV and It did not work, I called support and they said it should work. I returned it to the apple store where they exchanged it for a new cable that did work. I am guessing there is a different version of this cable that will work with Iphone 4s and IOS 6.1
    So Yes there is a AV Composite Cable that will work with the Iphone 4S, I would suggest that you confirm that the cable works in the store as there seems to be different versions.

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  • No, in my experience it will not work. I've tried this cable with an iPhone 4 and iOS6, a first-generation iPad with iOS 5, and a classic iPod with version 2.x of the iPod software. In each case, the device did not recognize the cable. It's possible that I just had a faulty cable, but given all the other negative comments about this product, I decided to just give up.

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  • You need to hand over some more cash to Apple and buy a HDMI convertor - called a Digital AV Adapter - and use a HDMI cable from your TV to the adapter and the adapter to your iPad / iPhone

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  • I've just tested m iphone 4 ios6 with my old t.v with the composite cable and it appears to be the acutual You tube app.
    Try using the online version (as mentioned above.)
    It works with photos inc slideshow, Bbc I player, iTunes aswell.

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  • I have an older composite cable and it works with IOS 6

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  • I found the composite cables worked very well on my old CRT TV. So far I have video and sound for the BBC IPLAYER app and some of my iTunes videos. I used my iphone 4S running IOS 6.1.2

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