what is the difference between av composite and av component cable?

Apple Composite AV Cable

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    They are two analogue video formats, but composite connection puts all the video down one connector which is more convenient but less quality. Pretty much all TV's have these, if your TV has a SCART then a simple adapter will also allow you to play it back.

    Component cable have higher quality by splitting the video into three parts (mistaken for Red, Blue and Green it is really Luminance, Contrast and Hue). This is the better quality but generally only modern HD sets have them and even then most opt to use the digital HDMI.

    Both carry audio over a Left and Right cable which can be plugged into a receiver if you choose.

    In short if you have component on your set go for that, but if you wish to use this with other TV's or systems, it is a 99/100 chance going to support Composite. Check your TV!

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