Can I use this device to download data from an old digital camera with a FireWire port to a new PC laptop with a thunderbolt port?

I have an old CANON GL2 digital video camera which has a Firewire port used to down load video. I have a new PC laptop computer that came with a thunderbolt port but no firewire port so I now have no way to download my videos to my computer for editing. Can I download video from the camera to the new PC laptop using the Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter?
Thank you very much.

Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter

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    The thunderbolt adapter is for FireWire 800.
    If you have FireWire 400 (the original), then you might be able to use the Belkin FireWire 800/400 9-Pin/6-Pin Cable (2 m/6.6 ft.) which is available from Apple.

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  • I had same problem and Apple was ready.

    First, buy the adapter that is Firewire 800/Thunderbolt and then buy the FireWire 9-9 Pin cable+adapter (6' cable+adapter). Many older Canon cams have the 9-9pin FW, very small...and this cable goes from your camera into the 800 FW adapter and TBolt goes into camera. They had both adapters at the Topanga Apple store. You'll need both if you have a Vixia or.....?.

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  • I don't think you can. I have just been given this adapter and the so-called firewire end does not fit the firewire cable that I have which I used to use to connect my Sony Video camera to a firewire port on the old PC. I think apple ought to be more helpful in its product description since I presume that I now have a redundant piece of kit.
    Clive G.

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