Can I use this MagSafe to charge my MacBook Pro with my MacBook Air charger?

MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter

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    The short answer is No! I just had this discussion on the phone with an Apple Genius at my local store. First I spoke to a regular sales specialist there and she didn't really understand my questions and just was able to read from a spec sheet about which wattage charger comes with each model. Then I asked to speak to someone more technical and she connected me to the Genius who gave me the following information:
    There are two issues when it comes to compatibility. One is the physical size &shape of the MagSafe.
    The MagSafe to MagSafe2 converter will make an old MagSafe Cord fit on the new Laptops.
    However, the other issue is the wattage. The MacBook Airs come with a 45W charger. The 13" MacBook Pros come with a 60 W charger. The 15" and old 17" MacBook Pros with an 85W charger. Basically they are downwards compatible, but not upwards compatible.
    You can use a larger-capacity charger with a smaller capacity machine, but not the other way around…..for example, you can use an 85W charger with a 13" MacBook. However, you cannot use the Air's 45W charger with the MacBook Pros that need either 60W or 85W. (One thing I am not sure of is if you can use the 60W or 85W charger on the 45W MacBook Air - forgot what we said about this.) The wattage is indicated on the charger's power block.

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  • Yes and No. While the adaptor will fit, the MacBook Air charger doesn't supply enough power. It may work, but you'll have problems. Possibly that it won't fully charge or will take forever to charge. And when your battery is completely dead, you won't be able to run the laptop off power only.

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  • Yes, it will make it so the old charger will work with the newer MacBook

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