Can the Apple Pencil be used for the iPad Air 2?  If Yes, Can it be used with an AutoCAD application?    Thank you.

As a suggestion, the use of these kind of devices would improve productivity in cad and graphic design fields. I have been using AutoCAD and I can see the future need of these devices to their full potential.
Another suggestion for the Apple Engineering Team is to design applications very similar with the counterpart used on a Mac or PC, or support 3rd party designers in doing so. The next step would be allowing users that already paid for their Mac or PC software to download the correspondent application for free or a reasonable price. This would stimulate program software and application sales.
Thank you for taking the time in answering my question and reading my suggestions.
Jose N. Lopez

Apple Pencil

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    The apple pencil can't be used for the iPad Air 2. The apple pencil is supported only for the iPad Pro models. I have an iPad air 2 and I know it is disappointing but you can get a jet stylus which is very good. They don't have palm detection so if you use a program which doesn't have palm detection you are out of luck. Also, your suggestions are really nice and although I would really want to see that happening there is a basic problem; the philosophy behind the iPad was to be a small truck (as Steve Jobs said). It wasn't suppose to compete with the computer as the iPad was designed to do the easiest tasks and the computer to do the most difficult ones. Someone can argue that time has changed and with the release of the iPad Pro, the gap between computers and iPads is closing in. Apple is staring to take that direction and if one day that happens I will be surely a happy man.

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  • apple pencil only works with ipad pro

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  • The Pencil is not compatible with iPad Air 2. Only Pro versions (either 9 or 12). It is up to the application to support the pencil fully. Check the app.

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  • The Apple Pencil only works on the iPad Pro 9.7" and 12.9" as of the moment. I'm not to sure if it works with auto cad though.

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