Can I connect a USB flash drive to the IPad Pro through the lightning to USB3 camera adapter to transfer files (like documents etc.)?

Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

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    Nope! Unfortunately not. With the USB camera adapter, the iPad will automatically scan for images within a DCIM folder (standard folder where images are stored on cameras and memory cards) whenever anything USB is connected to it, so it'll pull that and only that. Which I find kind of crazy especially since Apple is trying to tout the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement product in the new commercials... But that's another rant for another day.

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  • More versatile than you think

    True, for file transfer you would need a WiFi or lightning external flash drive (search it)

    However if you need to connect an audio/MIDI interface to iPad this accessory is a Godsend
    mainly because of the added lightning socket so the iPad can be charged while you use it.

    I have seen a professional jazz pianist perform using a USB/MIDI controller keyboard
    and the lightning to USB (powered) camera adapter to access the grand piano sample
    library in Garageband app. his piano sound was quite good for live performance. What
    a great way for touring musicians to travel light. One can always borrow a MIDI controller
    keyboard with forward planning for an overseas trip.

    Thank you Apple for including the charging socket on this device, the earlier camera adaptor
    kit was less useful.

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