Are the Airpods Pro going to be louder than the Powerbeats Pro? Any differences between the two?

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  • Yes, they fortunately are! Both my wife and I had been using first gen Airpods for years and loved them. We both routinely use just one at a time. Her for audiobooks and me for calls. When the Powerbeats Pro came out we bought two pair because we were looking forward to newer technology wireless AirPod replacements that stayed on our ears more solidly. Immediately after we got the Powerbeats Pros we both started complaining to each other that the volume wasn’t high enough for calls or notifications. While on a call you had better be in a quiet place or you couldn’t hear the caller. With no way to adjust the volume any higher, the Powerbeats Pro headsets became useless to us both within a week. The only advantages they had over first gen Airpods was their secure ear loop and battery life. The major negative was sound volume. Very surprising for us to be disappointed in a product from Apple. We returned both pair to Apple for refunds and went back to our first gen Airpods. When the AirPod Pros came out we both got a pair and have been absolutely satisfied with them since. Just like with the first gen Airpods, we can easily conduct a phone call and hear notifications with only one AirPod in use even in moderately loud environments and listening with both AirPod Pros in our ears is almost magical. The seal in your ear leaves you thinking you’re listening to over the ear headphones. Great sound. The noise cancelling Pros are incredible sounding for their size. Get the AirPod Pros. Avoid the Powerbeats Pro until Apple puts out a software update that allows some louder volume adjustment.

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  • While I can't say anything about sound volume, AirPods Pro does have Active Noise Cancellation which Powerbeats Pro does not have.

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