Are you able to skip/repeat a song while paired and from the controls on the wireless earphones? Or are you only able to adjust volume? Thank you!

BeatsX Earphones - Satin Silver

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  • I just tested pause/play (single click), skip forward a track (double click) and skip back a track (triple click) and they work great. Volume up and down also work (there are three buttons total, as on the EarPods or other Apple ear bugs). And you can press and hold volume down to quickly silence (or just click middle button once to pause, duh). You can also triple click and hold to rewind, but it does so in chunks of time (iTunes anyway) since there is wireless delay. (Double click and hold also works to fast forward.) Tested all of this with iTunes and iPhone 6s (running iOS 10.2.1) with Apple Music app. (Controls seem to work on third party apps such as Overcast, a podcast player for iOS.)

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  • Not from the first version (2016). Only play and stop. Skip/repeat added on newer one (2018). If your seeing a lower price it’s likely 2016.

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