Can I AirPlay to multiple AirPort Epress/apple TV/AirPlay devices simultaneously from my iPad only - or do I need a computer running with iTunes?

I want to be able to play music via my iPad or iPhone to an AirPort Express, an Apple TV and a Bose Soundlink Air simultaneously (without the need to have a computer running) - is this possible?

  • Asked by fn
  • Asked about:  AirPort Express

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    You will need a computer running iTunes, you can only select one device from iOS. Even with the computer, there is no guarantee they will run in sync - for me, the Apple TV and the Airport Express (previous generation) are out of sync by about half a second.

    • Answered by Jack W from Riverside
  • only one at a time. You can airPlay to one device without a computer

    • Answered by Stewart K