Can I Play Media VIA Time Capsule (Movies/Music) instead of storing on MacBook Pro.

Hi All ,

I own a 250gb HD Macbook Pro , Apple Airport Express & Apple TV (including iPhone 5 and 6 and iPad 2). I love the peace of mind watching my iTunes Library via apple TV.

My MacBook Pro is full and want to know if i can store files on the Time Capsule (Movies/Music) and access via apple TV... In a nutshell , can i play movie files from the Time Capsule. Because this will free up a lot of space on my hard drive.

I Also have Phillips Hue which is amazing.

  • Asked by fn from Clare
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    I'm not sure if you can play from the Time Capsule but you can keep your iTunes library on the Time Capsule and you'll still have access to it with all you Apple IOS devices, including your AppleTV. So, if there's a movie you want to watch and don't want to stream it you can access from iTunes and download it onto your Mac/iPad/iPhone, etc and screen share it with your Apple TV. Alternatively, your iTunes library should be accessible from your Apple TV. I know all my movies show up automatically on mine. I've never checked the music library but I doubt it's a problem.

    If you want to store your library on your Time Capsule, copy your iTunes folder from your Mac onto your TimeCapsule. Once you've done that you can have Time Capsule be the default home for your library by going into iTunes preferences/Advanced and change the location of your iTunes library to iTunes/iTunes Media folder on your Time Capsule.

    Hope that helps

    • Answered by Robert G from Anacortes