Can I plug apogy jam into a guitar amp for live gigging?

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    Yes - Absolutely. I preform on a regular basis using this as a tool. In fact I am doing it right now. You can plug your guitar into the 1/4" on the jam and then plug the 'jam' into your iPad/MacBook. Use aplitube or GarageBand etc... You then need to use a 3.5 mm audio cable that is male on both ends to connect the headphones jack on the iPad/MacBook to your amp. You will need a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter to plug the cable into you amp, just make sure you get a mono adapter - most of the ones you will find at audio stores are all stereo - your amp and most mixing boards for live shows will be mono and if you are using other apps in the background on your iPad it will only pick up one half of the stereo sound. You can 100% use this for live shows, I do it all the time. I also use MainStage, an app for my MacBoook Pro which allows even more in depth pedal settings for live concerts. I specifically bought this to do live shows - It is fantastic! I have never even tried recording with it :)

    • Answered by Matthew C from Montreal
  • No, the JAM is an analog to digital convertor. The signal needs to be processed in the digital domain then converted back to analog before sending it to the input of a guitar amplifier. You could use a splitter before the JAM to route one signal to the amp and the other signal to the JAM.

    • Answered by Allen M from Evergreen