Can I use hue in a lamp that is currently controlled by a dimmer switch?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Starter Pack

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Starter Pack

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    I asked this exact question to Philips customer support and they told me: "We do not recommend to use HUE bulbs with dimmer switches. However if you do want to use them with dimmers please make sure that the dimmers are left on max." They also added that using the bulbs with the dimmer switch set to max would not damage them in any way. Hope this helps

  • Philips Hue lights may work erratically when used on a circuit with a dimmer switch. Even with the dimmer switch set to 'maximum', when using various apps, including Philips Hue, they may lose their settings and flash brightly (white) on and off every second or so. Replacing the dimmer switch is a very easy task, but if you're not familiar with changing switches have the job done safely by using a certified electrician. After replacing the dimmer switch, sit back and enjoy this amazing app.