Can I use one of these and route the USB-C/Lightning cable through an Apple iPhone dock and still use Fast Charging, or do I need to skip the dock?

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

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    I just tried this. Using an Apple USB-C/lightning cable with an Apple iPhone lightning dock, it did not work. Removed the dock and just used the cable, and I get fast-charging. With the dock, the iPhone didn't even recognize it was connected. Too bad...we now have to buy a new dock as well!!!

  • I just tried plugging my 29w usb-c power adapter into my lightning dock, then set my iPhone X and it’s working fine. Battery when up 2% in a minute, then I tried plugging the usb-c cable directly into my iPhone X charged at the same rate.

  • Agree with the previous answer. Tried this personally too with both an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone X and was disappointed to see that the USB-C charger wouldn't work with the dock. Connecting through the dock, the iPhone doesn't even recognize the USB-C charger at all. When you switch to directly using the USB-C Lightning cable directly to the iPhone it works perfectly. You know it's an issue with USB-C + the dock because the iPhone still charges in the dock when connecting with a standard USB charger and lightning cable (albeit at the slow rate).

    I mentioned this at my most recent Genius Bar last time and the associate was really surprised. He tried to find a technical bulletin or discussion about it, but apparently it wasn't know. I guess they could come out with a new version of the dock that works with USB-C chargine, but I think Apple would first need to realize that the old dock doesn't work.